Devlog 1

Welcome to the first of many Devlogs. In this weekly series we will be discussing what we have accomplished this previous week and occasionally what we plan for the future.

Past Week

This last week we’ve made some progress on a variety of Projects. We have finalized the audio for this months animation and are moving to the image phase of production. Instead of working on NeWorld Nations we created a quick little game to test out some of pur ideas for NeWorld Nations. And we learned quite a lot about how to better implement characters and stats. Next we created the page for the Decade Jam Magazine link, which will allow Decade Jam members to to create articles and have them put in a magazine that anyone can read. We also got more work done on the website adding a new Projects and Link page. The link page will make it easier to go to the websites we participate on. Now the Projects page is quite large and contains a lot of our plans for Projects we would like to do at some point (think of it like a bucket list of sorts). Also we slightly reworked the the home page. More work was done on the Indie Console. We’ve been spending quite a bit of time looking a other game consoles especially the playdate a tiny microconsole that according to the company Panic “is a challenge for ourselfs”. This is our hope for the Decade Engine as well. Not the next console killer but a small platform that will allow for more indie developers to express themselves as it’s very hard to compete with modern triple a studios. There was also some UI design involved both in Python and some in Photoshop, which we posted on the Decade Jam Discord and that brings us to our last topic. This past week we interacted with the Decade Jam discord community a ton. They have a really cool community full of awesome people and you should definitely join! Link. P.S. A member on the discord server said they’ll be creating a Indie Console based on the rasberry pi as well. We find this super cool and hope both of us and anyone else that attempts an indie console is successful as well!